Flora is a good listener


Emotional object story about Flora

Who is Flora?

She’s an artificial flower. But she has feelings, and it’s not artificial. 

What’s her story?

As you can see, Flora is an ordinary unnoticed artificial flower. Even if people feel the decoration of the room is nice, she does not get the credits. No one likes her, and there were even rumors that she’s totally fake, just because she’s not as fresh and smelling good as the ‘fresh’ flowers.

Yet she has a beautiful soul that no one knows. She’s patient and devoted, she would never leave you after met you for only a few days -like the fresh flowers do. She’d always be there accompany you. And the best thing is: she’s a good listener! If you’re busy, she would be very thoughtful and be quiet. But if you are talking to her, she would always nod, to let you know that she is listening and she’s here supporting your ideas. ‘Flora, do you think I can get a summer internship?’ ‘Is my idea good enough?’ ‘Can I manage this?’ Trust me, you’ll get the appreciation and understand from her, always. Because she knows how it feels. Being understand, being listened to, being appreciated, these are all Flora desired for her life.

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