Week_5 Two Materials

Fabrication 2016Fall

Ear Stud



I always like the texture of wood, and wanted to make some ear stud with wood. I’ve bookmarked many wood studs in my online shopping account, they were beautiful but sometimes too large for me or too expensive.

Materials & Tools

Metal ear stud parts from Michael’s

two kinds of wood


1.I cut the wood into small pieces.

664832112   804035450

2. Try to sand them into pieces I want.

299710389   517446846

3. Use a rough sanding material to hold the pins. Attach the wood to them.

1835220894   160438754

4.Try to attach the artificial crystals to the pins but failed. The supporting part of the pins are flat, but the crystals has sharp end. I tried to bend the flat platform with plier but it cannot fit. They are not the right parts for the crystals.


5. Finished the wooden ones.

163417231  63880265



It was so frustrating that this assignment was done under pressure of all the finals. It didn’t even reach 5% of my self expectation. I actually interest a lot in trying different materials, especially the nature ones. It should be the most enjoyable thing for me here in ITP. I wish I had this assignment not during finals, but I’ll continue exploring fabrication with the take-aways from this class even after it.

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