ICM Final: Complimenting Pictures

ICM 2016Fall

Complimenting Pictures

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My perspective of this work is to create a collection of pictures that can draw the audience and give specific compliment.

Inspiration & Perspective

I found out that compliment from other people, especially those that you are not familiar with, can be really helpful to cheer you up when you are not in a good mood. One day, I told the lady doorman that her dark red nail polish look really beautiful on her before I went to a neighbor’s party. When I see her again after two hours, she was still so happy because of the conversation earlier.

I wonder if this kind of compliment can be replaced by machine. All of us had done this: checking out ourselves when passing by a reflecting surface: could be a store window, could be a car window. I wonder how would people feel if the reflecting surface give some feedback or talk to them such as texting:’You look great today’ when they’re checking themselves out through it.

Then I realize that if the compliment is just general, people would think that it’s not talking to them. So I decided to make it interactive, to detect the color of the audience cloth, and give a more specific feedback: You look great in red. The audience would feel that’s really talking to them.

My perspective is to create a collection of different sketches that drawing the audience at the same time all together. One of them is just a reflection but give text feedback and the others are with different styles, all changing color base on the audience’s cloth.

Tools & Approaches


All sketches are using video capture and drawing by pixels. I created a color count function and define how would a combination of RGB count as a red/blue/green.

And to make the audience be able to see the original sketch the the color changing process, I made the color changing code with accumulation of color count, that means only if the ‘red’ color counts 400 hundred times, the sketch would decide that you’re wearing a red color.

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The code:





1. I only achieved less than 50% of my perspective. I couldn’t figure out how to detect and change color while drawing with particles, and the effect that I want the text feedback in a mirror look sketch, I couldn’t make it detect the color. I will keep working on it, try to figure out the functions I wanted and develop more types of brush stroke with particles.

2. But this is only the beginning. With ICM, the first time in my life, I realized coding could be a lot of fun and I’m not scare of it any more!

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