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Fabrication 2016Fall


Marriage Machine

It’s a physical installation shows people’s happiness are so easily been ignored just because they are not the majority in many countries and regions. 


it’s about gay marriage. While the whole United States were celebrating ‘Love Wins’, most counties around the world, people who are members of LGBTQ community are still being shut the door upon their face by marriage. However, to many people, this fact is just a statistic data they read in news. Is this work, I want to show the audience how ‘straight only’ marriage works and how many people’ life-long happiness are easily ignored by this kind system.

Materials & Tools

Pine wood

Rubber sheet

1/8 Ply wood sheet


5mm Metal shafts

5mm to 5mm coupler

Stepper motor(stepper motor mount from amazon)

Standard servo(wood piece to mount servo)

RGB color sensor



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1.I had totally no idea about how to build a conveyor. First of all, I tried how to use a cylinder to create enough friction to move a conveyor. I found that any cylinder with rubber band can do it.

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2.My second concern was how to attach the cylinder to a stepper motor. I never touched one before 2 weeks ago. I had all kinds of crazy imagination of how to do it. Even though I went through the class content of mounting the motor in advance, I still couldn’t figure it out without seeing the actual things and demo of how to use them. For so many times, we took what we learnt for granted, but with the whole semester feeling helpless with necessary fabrication knowledges and skills, I realize the importance of learning. And I feel gratitude for things that I could learn.


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3. I talked to second year students who have done it, tried 3D printing parts. But finally I found the right coupler and shaft in Thinkersphere and decided to use them. The 3D printing part worked well, but the three tooth was very fragile and hard to find accurate holes on the cylinder.


4. I built a demo version of this before I built the actual one. Used a black rubber sheet found from soft lab to be the conveyor. It worked well without pulled tensely by two cylinders, but created too much friction when everything is on its right position. I still need to adjust it to make the conveyor move easier. I bought a thiner and light color rubber from Canal Rubber and canvas from blicks.




1. Many ‘seem easy’ things could be very tricky to actually build. Always do experiment early.

2. My biggest lesson from this project is: I didn’t even give myself the time to fail fast. I found out my old idea for Pcom final couldn’t achieve my original expectation, and give it up late. Only left myself two weeks to do a 5-weeks project.

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