Week_4 Enclosure

Fabrication 2016Fall

Crystal Cave

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detachable enclosure for acrylic pieces and electronic components.

The intention of making this is to explore if I could always come back into the enclosure and make changes with different parts of it.


blender___crystal_cave_by_admix665-d88fvz7 barae-jasny-crystal-cave

Last week was the first time that I made something with acrylic, the beautiful texture reminded me of a drawing I drew before, it was a cave that has crystals. I feel it would be nice if I make it with acrylic.

Materials & Tools

1/8 12*12 ply wood sheet

1/8 grey acrylic sheet

1/8 green fluorescent acrylic sheet



1.I drew a sketch to figure out how different parts of this box placed and working together.



2. Did a lot of calculations and drew the box parts in Ai. Roster the slots out with laser cutter and laser-cut out the box parts.


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3. Glue the parts together and let it be alone for the whole night. This step is painful. Like Ben said, it’s not worth it. But I had to make the box by myself as I couldn’t find a suitable one in the stores.


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4.Test to see if it works well. The slots could actually hold the pieces as I expected!


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5.Laser cut the layers of cave and place them inside the box.


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6. laser cut the bottom acrylic holder. I made all the cave layers with a 1/8 thickness protrusion, so them could be plug into the bottom holder perfectly. Each layers of the cave look different, I don’t know which is the best order to put them, but I can always come back and change the order with the holders on the bottom and the sides.


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7.The pieces could be reorganized and make room for any necessary electronic components.

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8. Laser cut the cute little crystals. In the first go, those poor little things fell down into the machien after being cutted out. Then I placed a piece of plywood under the acrylic for the second run. But this time the wood burned a little and colored the acrylic. 🙁

9. Glue the crystals onto the cave layers. This was supper hard, but I don’t know what alternative options.


1. Even though I did every calculation so carefully (and it exhausted me), the  acrylic pieces did not fit perfectly in the box. The wood slots could somehow hold them in their position, but not that strong. Maybe I should make three of acrylic holders like the bottom one.

2.Lessons learnt, buy a box whenever you can.

2 thoughts on “Week_4 Enclosure

    1. They could basically being hold in their positions with grooves from three sides(left/right/bottom). But the grooves from the sides are not that strong. 🙁

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