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I was so touched by Ben’s story about the flash light he made for his grandmother in class—I almost cried as I have very deep bonding with my grandmother, too. Fortunately, both of my grandmothers are above 80 years old and in good condition. The first idea came into my mind is making flash light for them.

My grandma from my father’s side like delicate little objects, and also she likes to grow flowers. But recently, she could not take care of her flowers, as she spent most of her time in hospital taking care of my grandfather. So I decided to make a flash light with a portable plant in it.

Grandma from my mother’s side is an adventurer, she love to travel and explore new things, especially novel plants and food. Last Saturday when I saw this new lotus leave in New York Botanical Garden, I wished she was there. She’d love it!



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I found a seasoning bottle at home, it looks exactly what I expect. It can also serve as a portable medicine container to carry few essential pills.

I made that plant-flash light first, but I feel disappointed because I didn’t use anything I learnt this week, then I made the lotus leaf one.


Materials & Tools

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The seasoning bottle’s cap is conductive but the LED has to come through it. I used glue gun and electrical tapes and isolate the cap, the positive and negative of the LED and buttery.

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First, I tried to make a hole use hand drill as Ben did in class, but it was not stable, the drill saw slipped on the surface of the wood board. It works when I switched to the machine but it sometimes stopped by the wood chips.

The Flash Lights

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1.There’s still much to improve of my documentation. I forgot to do documentation of the cutting and drilling as I was nervous and carefully doing all of that for the first time. I’m not good at compose the blog, need to learn more and practice more.

2. Although it was time consuming, I’m glad I tried both.

3. The completion of the works could be better.

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