ICM 2016Fall

A Brand New World!

Video: sun-by-horizon_by-p5arduino

  • About the work: I used my second week ICM homework which contains a lot of variables all controlled  by one input signal. I think it’s perfectly suitable for this hello world serial communication experience! I used photo resistor to control the sunrise and sunset by sensing the “sun light”. When there’s light, sea water turn blue, when there’s no light, the sun goes down to the horizon.
  • About the experience: Combining P5 and Arduino provided us so many possibilities. Things became more real when you can control it in physical world. And I like the experience that we do this research in pairs, finding out solutions together.
  • Things that I wanted but didn’t achieve: In this original P5 sketch, there’s another variable–changing of the color of the sky which controlled by mouse click. I wanted to add this function in with a button on Arduino but it was more complicated than I imagined. I’ll definitely try it again when I gain more skills.