Lighting up–Analog Input

PhysComp 2016Fall



VIDEO: Light up


I started this work from curiosity of light sensor. It is amazing that it could read different degrees of lightness, it remind me of a famous product: breaking lamp. When people watch the light inside it varies, they feel the lamp is alive and with emotions.

I wanted to make a similar thing that make people fill warm and familiar with. When I got home late, my girlfriend left me the light on, it really feel sweet, especially after a long day during winter. So I decide to make this little house that can turn the lights up for you once you get home.




First I connected the circuit and did a little coding to make sure it works as I expected. Then I took five minutes to test if the sensor work properly when I leave the window space opened up with cardboard I had by my hand.



A little bit details. A handle which make it easier to open the door. And finally the ultimate work!


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