What is interaction?

PhysComp 2016Fall

I found the first class was surprisingly inspiring!  It was nothing like what I imagined: a hard-core tech course.

A day made of glass

I hated the video ‘a day made of glass’ from the very first moment I saw it, but I didn’t know why. (It was a similar video with the one Bret Victor showed us in his Rant. Made in 2011.) And I finally found the reason why I hated it through the lecture and the article: Everything is FAKE in that so called ‘future interface vision’ video. The only medium they are using is blank glasses and all the information and interactions seem unreal and untouchable to me. Just imagine how insecure could people be in such a world—Just like the concept in <The Matrix>–What you’re seeing are just vison. I think it against human nature of touch, feel and collect things. Like the professor said: the feelings that our physical world can provide us is truly a huge thing: the shapes, the texture, the weight of items and the way we touching and holding and controlling them, make us feel alive. And I believe good physical interaction would start from there.

About Interaction, I agree with Chris Crawford’s ‘Conversation Theory’, but I have another way to put it. In my prospective, everything that response to your action and your action could bring some difference into it, is interactive. Without doubt, games are more engaging than movies because they’re interactive. But why? Tonight I went to NYU game center to see the NYC VR Summer Show. The audience could see what is happening in the VR gear on the screen, but they were still queuing for each booth to actually try the VR games, new tech, immersive theater play base on real time performance. I think the desire that ’I want to try it out ’is the key of interaction. To try what can do what, control things and explore is human nature. I guess that’s why interaction is so engaging. Another instance, in 1972, we’ve already have mater pieces such as <God Father> with great story telling and beautiful film language in film industry, but people still spend lots of money buying the simplest world’s-first video game called <Pong>.

dscf8742Forgive me for bad English expression. In conclusion, I think the nature way for human beings to feel the world is beautiful and important. And the key element of interaction is to make the audience feel they are actually controlling something. I believe this could be a start point of a good physical interaction.

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